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Tussar sarees with Kantha work, edging work, and hand-embroidered motifs are exquisite and highly cherished for their craftsmanship. Here's a breakdown of what each term means and how they come together to create a beautiful saree.Combining Tussar silk with Kantha work, intricate edging, and hand-embroidered motifs results in a saree that is both traditional and contemporary. Each element contributes to the saree's unique beauty.

  • Kantha Embroidery: This is a traditional form of embroidery from the eastern regions of India, particularly West Bengal and Odisha. It involves a simple running stitch that creates intricate patterns and designs. Kantha work can be found on various fabrics, but when done on Tussar silk, it creates a beautiful fusion of texture and design.
  • Designs: Typical motifs in Kantha work include flowers, animals, birds, and geometric shapes. The stitches are often layered to give a slight relief effect, adding depth to the designs.
  • Edging Work: This refers to the decorative border along the edges of the saree. It can be done in various ways, such as using contrasting threads, zari (gold or silver thread), beads, or sequins. The edging not only enhances the overall look of the saree but also prevents fraying of the fabric.
  • Motifs: These are decorative elements that are embroidered onto the saree by hand. Hand embroidery is valued for its precision and the personal touch it adds. Common motifs include floral patterns, paisleys, peacocks, and other traditional symbols.

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