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TUSSAR SAREE 221123122

Rs. 14,400

A tussar saree with print and sequins work is a mesmerizing combination of traditional fabric and contemporary embellishments. Here's a detailed description of such a saree:

Fabric: Pure tussar silk, known for its rich texture, subtle sheen, and durability. The slightly coarse texture of tussar adds character and uniqueness to the saree.

Print: The saree features intricate digital prints that showcase vibrant colors and intricate designs. These digital prints can depict a variety of patterns, motifs, or artistic representations, adding a modern and artistic touch to the traditional fabric. The prints could range from floral to abstract designs, landscapes, or even cultural motifs, depending on the designer's creativity.

Sequins Work: The saree is adorned with sequins meticulously embroidered or embellished across the fabric. Sequins, often in various shapes and sizes, add a touch of sparkle and glamour to the saree. They catch and reflect light, creating a dazzling effect that enhances the overall appeal of the attire. The sequins could be scattered all over the saree or strategically placed in specific patterns to accentuate the design.

Color Palette: The color palette of the saree could vary widely, ranging from bold and vibrant hues to softer pastels or even earthy tones. The combination of colors in the digital print and the sequins' reflective nature would create a visually captivating ensemble.

Border and Pallu: Depending on the design, the saree might have an intricately designed border and pallu. These areas could feature additional sequins work or unique prints, adding a defining element to the overall look.

Blouse: Typically, a matching or contrasting blouse would accompany the saree, complementing its colors or design elements. The blouse could be simple or embellished to align with the saree's overall aesthetic.

Overall, a tussar saree with print and sequins work is a fusion of elegance, tradition, and contemporary fashion. It's a versatile choice, suitable for various occasions ranging from formal events to festive celebrations, adding a touch of sophistication and charm to the wearer's ensemble