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Rs. 21,600

A printed organza saree with scalloped Pitta work on the border and hand outline is a refined and delicate garment that blends contemporary style with traditional craftsmanship. Here’s an in-depth look at this exquisite saree:

Organza Fabric:

  • Origin: Organza is a lightweight, sheer fabric traditionally made from silk, though synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester are also used.
  • Characteristics: It is known for its crisp texture, lightweight feel, and translucent quality, which gives the saree an ethereal appearance.
  • Weaving: The fabric is woven with tightly twisted yarns, making it both sheer and strong.

Printed Design:

  • Techniques: Organza sarees can be adorned with various printing techniques such as digital printing, block printing, and screen printing.
  • Patterns: The prints can range from floral and botanical motifs to abstract and geometric designs, offering a wide array of aesthetic choices.
  • Colors: Organza fabric holds dyes well, allowing for vibrant and intricate prints that stand out beautifully against the sheer background.

Pitta Work:

  • Origin: Pitta work is a traditional form of embroidery from Rajasthan, India.
  • Techniques: It involves metallic embroidery using gold or silver threads, creating a rich and elaborate design. The work is often done with a needle and sometimes involves the use of sequins and beads.
  • Motifs: Common motifs include floral designs, paisleys, and traditional patterns. The work is typically intricate and detailed.

Scalloped Border:

  • Design: The border of the saree is scalloped, meaning it has a series of curves, adding a decorative edge that enhances the saree's elegance.
  • Pitta Work: The scalloped border is adorned with Pitta work, adding a touch of luxury and traditional craftsmanship.

Hand Outline:

  • Detailing: The saree features a hand outline, where the edges and certain motifs are meticulously outlined by hand using fine threads or metallic embroidery. This adds depth and definition to the printed designs.
  • Techniques: Hand outlining requires precision and skill, often highlighting key patterns and enhancing the overall design.

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