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kota staple saree 1402242

Rs. 1,400

A Kota Staple Silk saree with a body pattern is a beautiful and distinct type of traditional Indian saree.

In preorder collection dispatched in maximum of 10 to 20 days.

Kota sarees originate from Kota, a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. These sarees are crafted from pure silk or cotton yarns and are woven in a specific square-check pattern. The speciality of these sarees lies in their fine and airy texture, which is a result of a unique weaving technique that involves blending cotton and silk threads together.

The body pattern on a Kota Staple Silk saree refers to the distinctive checkered design created on the fabric. These checks are usually quite small and form a grid-like pattern across the body of the saree. The checks can be woven in various colors, giving the saree a subtle, elegant look.

The use of staple silk in Kota sarees enhances the fabric's texture and quality. Silk provides a natural sheen and luxurious feel to the saree, making it a desirable choice for special occasions.

Overall, a Kota Staple Silk saree with a mini-check body pattern is celebrated for its lightweight, airy feel, the grace of the checkered design, and the richness of silk, making it a preferred choice for formal events, casual wear, and daily attire, offering both comfort and elegance. 

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