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A semi-silk saree, also known as a "half-silk saree," is a traditional Indian garment made from a fabric that is a blend of silk and another material, often cotton or synthetic fibers. The term "semi-silk" signifies that the saree is not made entirely from pure silk but rather a mix of silk and another fabric.

The primary reason for blending silk with another material is to make the saree more affordable and practical for everyday wear. Pure silk sarees are usually more expensive, and the blend allows for a balance between the luxurious sheen and texture of silk and the practicality and affordability of the other material. The result is a saree that is often more lightweight, durable, and comfortable to wear compared to pure silk sarees.

Semi-silk sarees come in a variety of styles, designs, and patterns, and they are popular choices for both formal and casual occasions in India. The exact blend and composition of the fabric can vary, and this can affect the texture and appearance of the saree. Semi-silk sarees offer a more accessible option for individuals who want to enjoy the elegance of silk without the full expense associated with pure silk sarees.

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